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Step 1-  Survey

Step 2-  Preliminary design

Step 3-  Time to get some numbers-Rough Budget

Step 4-  Permit drawings/ Construction Documents/ Material selections

Step 6- Contractor selection/ Quotations

Step 7-Building permit application


2 to 4 weeks

2 to 3 weeks

3 to 5 weeks

2 to 3 weeks

Step 5-  Structural drawings

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2 to 3 weeks

3 to 4 weeks

4 to 8 weeks


The legal survey is the first thing we must have. Lot sizes, grades, elevation, easement, right of way , trees, sanitary connections will be on the survey. Sometimes, depends on the city, the neighbours’ houses will be on the survey  to calculate the setbacks.


The Schematic Design phase is comprised of the many start-up tasks required in a project.  Here the program of your needs and budget are discussed, information is gathered and the site is fully investigated. This phase approximately takes 4-6 weeks for outright applications. If it is a conditional application or Board of Variance application required, The design process will take more time, and depends on the City.

This phase  includes:

The outcome of this phase would be a design developed to the point where the size, character, cost and construction methods are generally described and construction documents can proceed. The main purpose of this phase to determine the budget based on your needs and wishes. If the cost of the construction, based on the preliminary design, is more than your budget, we will discuss and review the design with you where the cost savings would be, but the plan revisions will be carried out in the next phase.


It is crucial that you have a preliminary budget from a reputable builder or two to see that we are inline with the budget. We will help and give you a support during  this process to make sure that the most of the items have been covered in the budget.


This is the phase where the preliminary design drawings are taken, revised as necessary, and developed into a comprehensive set of detailed construction documents.This Phase takes 2-4 weeks to submit the architectural drawings to the structural engineer.The engineering drawings take 3-4 weeks to finalize.

The purpose of these documents is as follows:

Typically included in these construction documents are the following:

During this phase we also act as the “head consultant” and co-ordinate the work of other consultants as required, i.e. structural engineer, landscape designer etc.


We will forward the architectural project to a structural engineer and we will review the drawings to make sure it is inline with the architectural drawings to provide all the information that your builder needs to perform the work.


We know that it is a hard decision to select a builder. Our selection process will help you to find the best builder for you.

You need to select the builder before the building permit application has been made. The builder must supply HPO documents to the City with the application.


The Interior Design Work is a parallel, integrated service, which Archera Design Works provides to compliment our Architectural Service and streamline the overall process. This work will be charged on a hourly basis. (if the budget is approved by the owner)


To be most effective, this work starts during Phase 2 and parallels the whole architectural process.  As in the Architectural work, Interior Design work also goes through progressive levels of detail.

During Schematic Design, we will review the process design with respect to your furniture, furniture layouts and general interior design objectives worked out with you.

Design Work

Typically included in the Interior Finishes Schedule are the following:

Here is our Seven Steps to complete the design process